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Album productions with the Looty Trio, Le String'Blö, The Ticino Connection and Tim Daisy

Release "Space Friction" Fischermanns Orchestra

Tour with Suzuribako and Le String'Blö

Recording Session with the Looty Trio

On the Road with Julian Kirshner

Tour with the Fischermanns Orchestra: Italy, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungry, Austria and Germany

The solo releaseshow at Esterliturm Lenzburg is on the 11th of June


Out now: TURM!


Check out the first track of my new Album "TURM" (Tower)


New Solo Album out on the 1st of May

Tour in Italy and Balkans with the Fischermanns Orchestra

Tree Ear (Gerry Hemingway and Manuel Troller) is back

On Tour with Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

Recording with Sascha Henkels Option 8, with Michael Grienger, Benjamin Weidekamp, Christian Weber etc.



Tours with the Looty Trio, Le String'Blö, Maris Egli and Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

Concerts with Blindflug, der grosse Bär and the Stone Alphabet 

Recording with der grosse Bär



Recording session at Esterliturm Lenzburg

Suzuribako with Ayako Kato and Frantz Loriot was set up / Gigs in Switzerland

Tour with Le String'Blö in Germany and Switzerland

Working and rehearsing with the Looty Trio and Le String'Blö





End of my career as a deckhand

Japantour with Anemochore



With the Stone Alphabet at the Kody Festival in Lublin

Filmproduction with the Looty Trio




Release tour with Le String'Blö 


Tour with the Fischermanns Orchestra in Egypt, UAE and Germany / Gig at the Jazzfestival Willisau

Tour and recording session with Urs Blöchlinger Revisited





Tree Ear with Manuel Troller and Gerry Hemingway live at Bau4