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With Le String'Blö at the Willisau Jazzfestival



Releasetour with Le String'Blö
4.4 Unvermeidbar, Baden
6.4 Institut, Zürich
10.4 Gewerbehalle, Luzern
12.4 Oxil, Zofingen
17.5 Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
12.6 tba, Biel

25.4 duo with Marie-Cécile Reber
Industriestrasse, Luzern

Tour with Leonhard Huhn
1.5 Köln
4.5 Mullbau Luzern
5.5 Frequenze Libere Locarno

27. to 30.6 - Tour with the Fischermanns Orchestra

Steady gig with der grosse Bär each last Thursday of the month at the Institut in Züri!


Tours in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa

Festivals such as Jazzfestival Willisau, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen, Tage für Neue Musik Zürich, Bolivia Jazzfestival, Cairo Jazzfestival, Openair St. Gallen, Fusion Festival Berlin, Stanser Musiktage, Jazzwerkstatt Bern, Zwei Tage Zeit Zürich, Kody Festival Lublin and so forth...


Releasetour with the Looty Trio
23.3 Bau 4, Altbüron
Jazzclub Aarau
Neubad, Luzern
Bejazz, Bern
Tante Betty, Nürnberg
All That Jazz, Chemnitz
Peppi Guggenheim, Berlin
Fisch und Vogel, Winterthur
Hidén Harlekin, Zug

Fischermanns Orchestra
Werft, Luzern
Progr, Bern



Urs Blöchlinger Revisited
28.8 - Turgi
29.8 - Kroger, Bern
30.8 - Jazzfestival Willisau

22nd of September
Duo with Sascha Henkel, Stockach

Releasetour with Tim Daisy
25.9 - Halle6, München
26.9 - Neubad, Luzern
27.9 - Atomic Cafe, Biel
28.9 - Zürich

16th of October
Duo with Ryosuke Kiyasu at Shimokitazawa Apollo, Tokyo

Suzuribako Japan Tour
19.10 – Coo, Sapporo
20.10 – Gano Temple, Furubira
21.10 – Cafe Bar West38, Morioka
22.10 – Yamaneko-ken, Ogose
23.10 – Palais des Paris, Takasaki
24.10 – Koen-Dori Classics, Tokyo
25.10 – Karada Junction @ Annex Sengawa Factory, Tokyo
26.10 – Karada Junction @ Annex Sengawa Factory, Tokyo
27.10 – Permian, Tokyo
28.10 – MIIT House, Osaka
29.10 – T-Bone Studio, Osaka
31.10 – UrBANGUILD, Kyoto
1.11 – Sugikojyo, Fukuoka
2.11 – Guggenheim House, Kobe

Fischermanns Orchestra
24.11 - Werkstatt, Baden
25.11 Werft, Luzern

2nd of December
Le String'Blö at Werft, Luzern

Looty Trio
14.12.2023 Jazzclub Aarau



22nd of Janurary
2 Tage Zeit Zürich - Tree Ear

27th of January
Jazzclub Aarau – Der Grosse Bär

28th of January
Literaturcafé Biel - Duo with Sebastian Rotzler

24th of February
Jazzclub Aarau – Der Grosse Bär

11th of March
Turgi - Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

12th of March
Jazzclub Oberengstringen - Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

16th of March
Biel - Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

18th of March
Neubad Luzern - Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

22nd of March
Jazzclub Chur - Urs Blöchlinger Revisited

8th of April
Mullbau Luzern - Zimmerlin, Pfammatter, Strinning

28th of April
Jazzclub Aarau – Der Grosse Bär

29th of April
Stanser Musiktage - Solo

1st of May
Carovana 091 Locarno – Solo

9th of May
Jazzfestival Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein – Troxler/Blöchlinger/Strinning

20th and 21st of May
Kunsthalle Singen, Sascha Henkel Option8

11th of June 
Esterliturm Lenzburg, Solo

9th of June
Hotel Beau Séjour Luzern, Poetry Slam - Mejer/Zangger/Strinning

24th of June
Literatur Café Biel, Looty Trio

4th to 17th of July
Tour with the Fischermanns Orchestra

Tour with Julian Kirshner
21st of July at Elastic Arts, Chicago / with Keefe Jackson and Jason Roebke
22nd of July at Audio of the Arts, Madison
23rd of July at Spot Tavern, Lafayette / with Andrew Scott Young
24th of July at Hungry Brain / with Dan Bitney, Jim Baker, Ausberto Acevedo
25th of July at the Beat Kitchen / with Extraordinary Popular Delusions
26th of July at Downtown Music Gallery, New York
27th of July at iBeam, Brooklyn / with Sylvie Courvoisier
28th of July at Kingston Jazzcenter
1st of August at the Beat Kitchen / with Extraordinary Popular Delusions
3rd of August at the Beat Kitchen, Chicago / with Jakob Heinemann and Peter Maunu

3rd of September
Blindflug, Jazzfestival Willisau

4th until 9th of September

22nd of October
Quartierfest Lindenstrasse, Luzern – Looty Trio

23rd of October
Music for kidz, Mullbau Luzern – Looty Trio

1st until 18th of November
Le String’Blö

Last Thursday of the month
Der Grosse Bär, IOIC Institut Zürich